Zu Lean Change finden regelmäßig offene Workshops statt. Alle aktuell geplanten Termine sind ab jetzt auf www.scheller.consulting zu finden. Interne Trainings bitte per E-Mail anfragen.


Stimmen von Teilnehmern bisheriger Workshops:

I experienced an awesome usage and recombination of existing, “classical change methods” combined in a fresh and inspiring way to plan and execute changes… the lean way.        Sebastian Radics

Very cool! Summary of what I’m already doing, but in a clearer, more detailed and elaborated way! – Rated 9/10.

Very helpful [to learn about] “rational” methods, more of this please! Rated 9/10

Very good approaches, brain is working hard! Frustrating, as it shows how much analysis is missing within my own context. Rated 8/10

Very good interaction with us, connecting some of the dots for the Lean Change Management cycle. Rated 9/10

Culture hack, brilliant idea! I must use this often! Rated 8/10